How to install windows 7 on preinstalled windows 10

Install multiple operating systems on a PC and laptop: –

Install multiple operating system , we are discussing how to install multiple operating systems on a PC and laptop. It is very easy to install multiple operating systems on your PC and laptop. Just download the software provided by the virtualization platform where you can use the multiple operating systems on your PC and laptop without any problem. But make sure it requires more space for virtualization compared to the normal PC. Therefore, create enough space for you to use multiple operating systems on your PC without any problem. So today I will tell you step by step how to install a multiple operating systems on your PC and laptop.


Concept of Virtualization and cloud computing
Step 1: -First download the VMware workstation software that provides the platform for virtualization. So you can install multiple operating systems on PC and laptop. Or you can download any similar software provided by the system for virtualization.
Step 2. After downloading, now install the software on your PC. Then, this screen shows your license key.

If you have License key use the key and click on continue otherwise try the trial period for 30 days.
Step2:-After installing the software. Open the software and click on create a new virtual machine just like the below image.
Step 3:- In the next step you have 3 option for install the Operating System in your virtual machine wizard.
Choose one of them.If you have ISO image of a window  in your PC/Laptop then choose 2nd option otherwise choose 1st option and install Operating System through DVD/CD.


Step 4:-   Now you have to specify the disk capacity for your O.S that how much of hard disk you want to allocate to your new O.S.
Also, select that store virtual disk as single files or multiple files. I recommend select multiple files option.Now click next.</h6

Step 5: Now its starting creating a disk for a new virtual machine and take some time. SO you have to wait for some time. When it creating new disk then click on finish.


Step 6: Now after some time automatically window is starting install in your machine. Select your choice and click on next.
A window will start installing in your system as normal window installed in your PC /Laptop.
After completion of setup new os is installed in your system. Now you can use two windows in your system.
Step 7:- Next time when you want to open the virtual O.S in your system you have to open the VMware workstation and under the “My  Computer”.
      you find your New Operating system click on it  and Power on and off your new Window

Step 8:- Now you can use multiple O.S in your system .


If you want to locate its location then C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Virtual Machines.Follow the path and you can find all the data on your new window.

By using this software you can use multiple operting system in one system and also access the multiple O.S simultenously.

Here is some steps in which you can install multiple operating system on your PC/Laptop. If you like this post kindly comment and also provide your valuable suggestion.

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