PUBG Mobile new update 0.15.0 to bring new Payload mode

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update to bring new Payload mode with rocket launchers and helicopters:-

Player unknown battleground Mobile has caused a new mode that comes to the game with update 0.15.0. PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 would introduce a new payload mode for players. The payload mode allows players to use heavy machinery/weapons to destroy enemies and control helicopters. This is part of an Arcade mode that PUBG Mobile had previously hinted at.

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At this time, with the expectation among PUBG Mobile players of being at an all-time high, the exact release date of Update 0.15.0 has not yet been announced (even in reality).

See below for an official preview of the new Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0. Without doubt with Payload, in the new Arcade mode, players could deploy weapons like rockets on enemies.

PUBG-Mobile-0.15.0-update-to-bring-new-Payload-mod- with-rocket-launchers-and-helicopters


PUBG MOBILE on Twitter

Here is a preview of one of the things we received in Update 0.15.0. If you like to make things go well, you’ll love the new Payload Mode! This new Arcade mode is an absolute blast!

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The PUBG Mobile tweet calls the new mode an absolute explosion, and it is. In the Chinese beta video, players were able to obtain weapons such as grenades and rocket launchers from some special aerial launches. The players were also able to carry out airstrikes that caused huge damage to a small radius.

A tracking missile was also detected in the Chinese beta version. The helicopter can be blocked as a target and the missile follows it to take down the aerial vehicle.

It is very unlikely that we can play with such explosive weapons in the classic game mode. But it is not clear if the helicopter is only restricted to the game room or if it will also appear in the classic game mode.

The eighth season of PUBG Mobile will end soon and season nine will launch on September 13 with a new real pass and update 0.14.5. Update 0.14.5 has no new features, except some cosmetics and the actual pass. So, according to the trend when Tencent releases new updates for the Battle Royale game, update 0.15.0 should be released in early October.

In related updates, PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.14.0 will be available until September 14. This would offer improvements such as the likes of the new WP theme and rewards, new outfits, improved graphics, war parameters in the game, RPG-7 weapon accuracy. Reportedly, new bombing zones have also been incorporated. PUBG Mobile Lite, for the uninitiated, offers conventional functionality such as this would lead to the annihilation of enemies within the game. This new update includes the likes of newer masks, weapons, and vehicles
1.High playability:

PUBG MOBILE LITE offers the classic tactical tournament experience on more mobile devices with a smooth and stable game.

2.Detail optimization:

characters, map details and more are improved for even better images

3.Optimization of construction areas/supplies:

construction density and loot frequency have been increased to accelerate the looting process and improve the progression of the battle;

RPG and New Gear: players should be able to check new gears in selected game modes

4.Combat enhancements:

PUBG MOBILE LITE improved aiming assistance performance on more devices while retaining the classic experience and the ability to heal while moving


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