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Microsoft Office Excel  Shortcut Keyboard keys:

Excel shortcut keys, when we start working with Excel, and you are beginners in MS Excel, so it is very slow if you do all the tasks with the mouse, which affects your productivity and also takes a long time to complete your task. Today we talk about MS Excel.
Excel-Shortcut-keysbasic shortcut keys that help reduce your time and also quickly increase your productivity. It’s also hard to remember the shortcut keys at the beginning, but you do it daily, there’s no difficulty remembering the keyboard shortcut keys in your pretend tips. Therefore, read each and every Excel shortcut key carefully and try to use them daily so you can master it. So today we are going to learn the Excel shortcut key.

Many marketing specialists use Microsoft Excel every day, either to create a chart, analyze data or run a report to present at the next team meeting.

Creating reports like these in Excel takes a long time. How can we spend a little less time browsing, formatting, selecting and entering formulas for our data? Wouldn’t it be great if there were keyboard shortcuts that could help us do our job faster?
I’m glad you asked.

We have put together a list of excel keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel. Although you can do all these maneuvers manually, knowing these tricks will help you save time so you can concentrate on what really matters.


Below is the list of shortcut keys:

Excel Shortcut keys Using Ctrl Key:

Excel Shortcut keys Using Shift Key:-

Excel Shortcut keys Using Alt Key:-

Excel Shortcut keys Using Function Key:-

I hope these Keyboard shortcut keys are useful for you and increase efficiency. When using MS Excel. If you have any problems or comments, please comment below. We will definitely take it as a priority. Thanks for your visit.

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