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Facebook Marketing and Analytics

New to Facebook Marketing and Analytics? Here’s what you need to know

Building and expanding your brand awareness is dependent on your content marketing strategy. Content marketing has managed to replace conventional marketing methods, causing even well-established brands to invest in content marketing. It has managed to level the playing field for businesses of all types and sizes. Social media marketing, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

Facebook Marketing and Analytics

Just like you need to know how to use Instagram for business statistics, you need to understand Facebook marketing and analytics. This article will give you a gist of Facebook marketing and analytics.

How do you set up an effective Facebook Marketing Strategy?

While there are tons of tips and tricks at your disposal to create a lucrative Facebook marketing strategy, here are a few fundamentals to start with:

Setting up your Facebook account

As you may have gathered, you cannot proceed without having created a Facebook account first. You could promote your brand on your personal Facebook wall. However, creating a page exclusively for your brand helps you increase your credibility online and enables people to follow and contact you.

To set it up, start with a high-quality profile picture with your brand logo in it, a cover photo that has something to do with your brand, it could be a tag line or a picture of a product launch you have coming up. Also, write a short bio that tells the story. A quick glance should tell the visitor what your brand is all about and what they can expect. Be sure to include your location, work timings, link to your website, and other social media albums. Finally, add a Call-to-Action (CTA) to your profile.

Gain followers

Once you have your Facebook page ready, invite your friends, clients, family, colleagues, etc. to like your page and share your posts. If you already have a thriving business, you can send your clients emails, informing them that you are now on Facebook. Do what you can to spread the word. When you invite people to like your page, make sure you write a compelling invitational message, giving them a reason to like it.

Producing content consistently

Producing content is a vital cog in your Facebook marketing machine. No fancy marketing tricks and hacks can help you if you do not have quality content in spades. Given the sharp decline in attention span, you need to stay on the top of your content game to keep people interested in your brand.

Consider experimenting with different types of content like written posts, short videos, long videos, infographics, live sessions, and so on. Make sure you post at least once a day. The key to getting leads, converting them into customers, and retaining them is to create valuable content consistently.

Promote events regularly

Announcing events and promoting them every now and then is critical. It is critical because it allows you to interact with your audience in the most authentic way possible. Going live on Facebook is as close to your followers as you can get on a virtual platform. You can create an event for a live stream, Q&A session, product launch, promotions or offers, or anything else. Announce it one month in advance and promote it.

Interacting with your audience allows you to come up with more content, improve your existing content using the feedback you get, and let your followers know that you care about them.

Understanding Facebook Analytics

Now that you know how to set up a Facebook marketing strategy, you need to understand Facebook analytics to track your progress. The Facebook analytics team handles the three aspects of Facebook analytics – Data Science, Data Engineering, and Product Experience Analytics.

Which metrics should you track?

Here are the primary metrics you should keep track of:

  • Post engagement and reach: You need to find out how well your posts are doing, which means you have to determine the number of people who found your posts and interacted with them.
  • Pageviews: This metric shows you how many views your page and its sections have.
  • Actions on your page: This data metric gives you a list of the actions that your visitors take when they find your page.
  • People: An effective content marketing strategy depends on a variety of things, including finding your demographic. You need to use Audience Insights to determine this.
  • Your posts: In the beginning, there is no way to say for sure which posts will do well. With time and enough trial and error, you will able to determine which types of posts get the most traction. This is an important metric to track.

How to optimize your Facebook Marketing Strategy?

Here are a few ways to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy:

Find your niche

You need to determine your target audience and check if your visitors are a part of your target audience. Audience Insights can help you verify this.

Create valuable content

You need to post tons of valuable content to generate more leads. However, it can be difficult to get this right in the beginning. You need to try different things and interact with your audience as much as possible and get their feedback. Repeating this process over time will help you refine your content.

Post content at the right time

Posting content at the right time is almost as important as the content itself. You need to make sure your target audience sees your posts to make an impact. As you post content and check your progress, you will able to determine the right time to post. However, until such time, go with expert recommendations.

Track your Facebook Insights consistently

Tracking and measuring your progress is not a one-time activity. You need to do this periodically if you want to get results consistently. With new trends coming up and old trends fading away, you need to be able to create content that appeals to your audience. You can only do that by checking Facebook Insights consistently.

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