How to Create a wikipedia page in easy steps


How to Create a Wikipedia page in Simple Way.

Wikipedia is one of the popular websites in the world, which is known to provide different types of information from time to time. It is important that everyone knows the process of uploading information to the Wikipedia page, as it helps people build the profile and promote the business in an effective way. It is not easier to upload the information to Wikipedia since it requires a certain amount of evidence to prove the information from time to time.

Steps to create the Wikipedia page

1. Research the content:

As you know that Wikipedia is a popular website, which is known to provide accurate information on a regular basis. As the information on the website is usually genuine, it is important that the content creator generates data-based effectively. It is important that people learn about the community on Wikipedia to know the work style, as it helps people create content in an easy way. Most importantly, be sure to do your research well in advance before writing anything. Read the following steps below to better understand which topics to write and which ones to avoid.

2. Create Your  Account on Wikipedia:

Before creating a Wikipedia page, it is necessary to have a Wikipedia account to publish the content from time to time. As Wikipedia does not allow users to create an account without proper credentials, it is suggested that business organizations consult a professional to publish information on the site effectively. The creation of the account can be done in general, but it is important to obtain the approval of the content in a quick period of time.

Steps to create the Wikipedia page:

1. Login on the Wikipedia page and select your language.In which you want to create your page.

How-to-Create-a-wikipedia-page2. Then click on create an account.How-to-Create-a-wikipedia-page                          3. Fill all your  necessary information and fill security captcha then click on create your account


4. Go to your mail and verify your mail-id.

5. Now, your Wikipedia account is created and you can log in in Wikipedia with your username and password.

3. Read Policies and guidelines carefully:

If you plan to create a Wikipedia page. Before that, you should read Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines. Because if you make unnecessary changes to Wikipedia, it will block Wikipedia for service time, then you cannot do anything on Wikipedia

4. Gather sources for topic:

Before creating a Wikipedia page, make sure that Wikipedia has not published any article you are thinking or writing.

In the site search box, type your topic to see if similar topics appear in your database. If your topic appears, you should look for another topic to write about that is not yet there.

Even if the topic does not appear in your search engine, there is always the possibility that Google will reference it on Wikipedia. Do the same Google search for the topic. If it does not appear in the Google index, it is probably not yet published and you can choose that topic.

Because the collection of sources for information plays a crucial role in the creation of Wikipedia content. As Wikipedia is known as a genuine website to provide content, it is essential that people have a list of facts that can support the content and information effectively. The information and its sources play a crucial role in the content to be approved from the site since only genuine information can reach the page in an easy way.

5. Create the page on that particular topic:

You can see in the screenshot below that there is a link to “ask for the page to be created” on the line where it says that page does not exist. From there, you can go directly to this page, where you will find links to create a new page for your website.


6. Click on the Wikipedia Article Wizard

When you click on the link above, you will be taken to this page where you will see the basic warnings and instructions that Wikipedia offers you before creating an article that has already been mentioned above.

To create your page, you must click on the Wikipedia Article Assistant link just above the subtitle of the newly created article.


7. Use the Sandbox editor of Wikipedia.

When you click on the Assistant link, it will give you two options: start writing your page immediately or practice editing in the Sandbox first. Sandbox is the name of the Wikipedia text editor that you use directly on your website to create and submit your articles. You can write your article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, but you will have to paste the content into Sandbox to submit it.or you can write directly in the Wikipedia Article Wizard. Therefore, to feel more
comfortable with the process, practice writing in Sandbox, and familiarize yourself with the use of your tools. Here is a direct link to the Article Wizard page if you want to skip the previous steps


8. Give proper citation about your article:-

The numbers you see next to the Wikipedia texts are references to the links from where you obtained your information. Remember to make the correct quotes, as this helps build trust and authenticity with Wikipedia and its readers.

While creating your page, definitely link your website as one of the citation references. Don’t forget about other guest sites where you could have backlinks to your website.

The quotes give credibility to your Wikipedia page and allow the reader to trust the information available on their page.

9. Write a copy of your article:

once the content is created, it is essential to submit it for review. The content must be written in high quality without having any kind of grammatical error effectively. Publishing on Wikipedia has been considered a challenging task since it requires plagiarism-free content without compromising evidence and sources.

10. Submit your article for review:

Wikipedia is one of the popular websites, which has millions of visitors daily. It is important that the website review the content and sources effectively. Only genuine content can make its way to the website and the process can go through different stages to filter the information effectively.


Most people prefer to have their business page on Wikipedia, as it helps them show their business and promote it in an easy way. Creating a Wikipedia page for writers of the business organization can help you promote in an easy way since the website provides a backlink to the website.

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