How to make conference call in easy way


How to make a conference call in android and iOS Phone

How to make a conference call is our today topics. As you know that text messages and phone calls are two of the most basic functions of a mobile phone and a premium device such as today’s Android and iOS phones should be able to perform these services without any problem. Technology has evolved a lot since the first smartphone model was launched.

The simple text message can now attach files and be sent as an MMS, while now you can add more people to a phone call designed for only two people. This function is called a conference call and your mobile phone can easily do it.

Making a conference call or calling several people from a phone is important if you need to talk with several friends at the same time or if you need to call a business meeting without leaving your location. Most residential telephone and cell phone systems allow calls between multiple parties. However, remember that each call is billed as a separate call, so conference calls can quickly use the available minutes in a cell phone plan. In addition, you may incur long-distance charges if several call participants require a long-distance call.


How to make a conference call on Android Phone and iOS Phone step by step.

1. Touch the keyboard icon.

2. Enter the number you want to call and then touch the Phone icon.

3. To call a number from your contacts, enter the first letters of your name and then touch the contact in the list shown.

4. If the contact has more than one phone number, touch the number you want to call.

5. Touch the phone icon to make the call.

6. When 1 person answers the call then touch add call.

how-to-make-conference-call-in-easy-way7. Enter the number or name of the contact you want to call and then tap the Phone icon.

8. Touch Merge to join the two calls.


9. To manage the conference call, tap the down arrow next to the Conference call.

10. To put a call on hold, tap Split next to the call you want to continue active.

11. Touch Merge to join the two calls again.

12. To end one of the calls, touch Drop next to the call you want to end.

13. Touch the End call icon to end a conference call.

Conference calls are commonly used in today’s business world. With the help of modern technology, these calls involve more than simply dialing some numbers and putting some people on the line. Virtual tools allow people to see each other in real-time. However, despite these technological advances, there are some challenges.

In general, conference calls occur between groups of people who have worked together before. However, in some cases, companies may conduct interviews through conference calls, or new employees may join. While there may be a good first impression through a conference call, you should also understand the difficulties associated with doing so.

How many calls can be connected in a conference call?

You can combine up to Six calls for a conference call depends on the number of ports available on the conference’s bridge. To add an incoming call to the conferences, tap-holdĀ call + answer, and then tap merge calls. To speak privately with a caller during the conference, tap the conference and then tap private next to a call.

The conference call also depends on a service provider to another service provider. Some service providers provide the facility of combining five calls for conference calls, but some only five at a time. In the case of companies, the capacity of the conference bridge can be improved by more than 10,000.



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