What is internet and Importance of internet in our daily life


What is the internet and What is the importance of the internet in our daily life:-

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Internet, have you ever wondered what the internet is and who is the owner or what are its advantages and disadvantages? In fact, today’s world will not work without it for a moment. From your home abroad, you will find the Internet anywhere, one way or another. It is very important to know what we use a lot.

In today’s world, a person can live without electricity, without sleep, without eating, but without the Internet, he cannot live at all.

By the way, you may be thinking that this is a matter of saying, but this is true for today’s young generation who see it committed to mobile devices. If you ask him what he is doing, he will say “Internet”, then I will give the answer to the same question, which is the Internet, and I will give more information. Keep reading this article from my web, what do you think? At the end of the article, the saving of information will be increased.




The Internet is the latest information technology system. You can name the Internet with a global set of different computer networks. Thousands and millions of computers in this network are connected to each other. The computer is usually connected to the Internet via a phone line. But apart from this, there are many. On any computer, you can connect to the Internet.

This network is called media or broadcast media in the Internet language. By the way, I’ll give you some more information and this web is a kind of thread where information and data move around the world. This data can be “text, image, MP3, video” among all of them as well as searching in text, image, MP3, video on the Internet.

The data and information on the internet are transferred through the router and the server, the router, and the server only connects all the computers in the world when the data (in the form of bytes) goes from one computer to another and a protocol works as an IP. (Internet Protocol), the protocol means “a set of Internet rules created strictly for programming and followed by the client and server for communication”.

Full form of the Internet:-

The complete form of the Internet is the Interconnected network. That really is a very large network of all web servers worldwide. Therefore, it is also called WWW or simply the Web in many places.

The Internet is not under a single company or government, but it has many connected servers, which belong to different institutions or private companies. The Internet is used to obtain information on the Internet. We can call the Internet as a means of advertising worldwide. These are the easiest and most economical means of conducting a global survey on a product. It is a very useful tool for displaying varied information, such as reports, articles, computers, information, etc.

The Internet client is based on the architecture of the server in which your computer or mobile device that is using the information on the Internet is called a client and where this information is kept secure, we call the server. Usually, we use the web browser to view information on the Internet, these are client programs and can communicate with hypertext documents and display them. You can use several services available on the Internet using a web browser.

Who discovered the internet:-

Originally, the Interconnected network was used by the US military. During the Cold War, the American army wanted a good, large and reliable communications service. It wasn’t just that a person could invent the Internet. Many scientists and engineers were needed to achieve it. At the time of the Cold War in 1957, the United States established the Agency for Advanced Research Projects (ARPANET) with the aim of creating a technology that could connect one computer to another. In 1969, a network called ARPANET was created that connected four computers, then the progress of the Internet began correctly. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn invented the TCP / IP protocol in the 1970s, and in 1972, Ray Tomlinson first introduced the email network.

It had expanded to England and Norway, In 1973. In 1974, the Arpanet was used as a general logo, known as Telnet. In 1980, his name became the Internet, the number of computers connected to it had increased to 37. The common rules for networks were made in 1982, they are called protocols. These protocols were known as TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol). In 1990, ARPANET was scrapped and the Internet remained a Network of Networks. Currently, millions or millions of computers are connected to each other through the Internet. The Internet service was made available to the public in India on August 14, 1995, when it was launched by state-owned Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL).

Major Features of the Internet

Let us know now about the features of the Internet, which is very important to know.

Worldwide network

1. The World Wide Web is a part of the Interconnected network, which supports hypertext documents while allowing users to view and navigate different types of data. A web page is a document encoded with a hypertext markup language (HTML) tags.HTML allows designers to link to each other through hyperlinks. Each web page has an address called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).


Telnet is a specialized service that allows you to use a computer to access the contents of another computer with the help of a telnet host. A telnet program creates a “Window” host so that it can access the files, issue commands, and exchange data. Telnet is widely used by libraries to allow visitors to view information, find articles, etc.

File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an Interconnected network tool used to copy files from one computer to another. Using a special FTP program or a web browser, you can log in to an ETP host computer, over the Internet and also copy the files from your computer. FTP is very useful for searching and copying software files, you can do the same with articles and other types of data. Universities and software companies use FTP servers so they can allow visitors to access data.


Email (email) is a very popular reason because people use the internet. To create, send and receive email messages, you need an email program and an account on an Internet mail server with a domain name. To use email, it is very important for a user to have an email address, which they can create and add their username to the email. For example, if you want to create your account in Gmail, you can create one like [protected email]. Here, you must choose a unique username that is not yet available.


An Internet-based service is news, which includes many newsgroups. Each newsgroup host discusses a specific topic. There are different newsgroups on all topics.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a service that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time by entering text in a special window. Like news, there are hundreds of IRC “channels”, each dedicated to a topic or user group. If necessary, you can participate in these discussions in a chat room using a special IRC program, but most chat rooms are set up on the website and allow visitors directly from the browser window. Chat

How the internet works:-

Computers on the Interconnected network are connected to each other through a small network. These networks are connected by gateways with Internet Backbone.

All computers on the Internet communicate with each other through TCP / IP, which is a basic protocol (that is, a set of rules) of the Internet.

TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) manages all transmission that occurs on the Internet regardless of the data/file/document, but to do this they have to make that data/file/documents small. They are called packages or data-grams.

In this, each packet contains the address part of the actual data, that is, the destination and source addresses are up to 1500 characters.

TCP and IP functions

1. TCP’s job is to divide the messages into small packets that are transmitted to the Internet and then those small packets are also reassembled into the original message that is received. via the Internet.

2. The IP job is that it handles the address part of each part so that the data can be sent to the correct address. Each gateway checks this network address to see where the message is forwarded.

Types of the internet:-

There are many types of Internet connection so you can connect a personal electronic device to the Internet. All of these connections use different hardware and each has a different range of connection speeds.

As changes in technology are coming, faster Interconnected network connections are needed to handle those changes. That’s why I thought about why we should tell each other about the same type of Internet connection so you can know all these options.

 1.Dial-up connection (analog 56K)

The dial-up connection is the most basic form of Interconnected network connection. It has a telephone line that is connected to multiple users (as opposed to a dedicated line) and that is connected to a PC that has Internet access. Telephone access is very cheap but equally slow. A modem (internal or external) connects to the Internet once the computer dials a phone number. In this, the analog signal is converted to digital through a modem and then sent to a fixed-line service through a public telephone network. Telephone lines can be of high quality and the connection can also be bad at times. The lines regularly experience a lot of interference and this affects their speed, which ranges between 28K and 56K. Since a computer or other device shares the same phone line, both cannot be active at the same time.

 2.DSL connection:-

DSL has a complete digital subscriber line. This is an Internet connection that is always “on.” It uses 2 lines so that your phone is absolutely free when your computer is connected. DSL is a cable connection that transmits data through traditional copper telephone lines # 2325; which is already installed in homes and businesses.

In this, you do not need to dial any number to connect to the Internet. DSL uses a router to transport data and its connection speed range depends on the service, which is between 128K and 8 Mbps.

The speed and availability of the DSL service depend on how far your home or business is from the telephone company’s facilities near you.

3.cable connection

The cable provides an Interconnected network connection through a cable modem and works through cable television lines. Loading and unloading have different transmission speeds. Since the coaxial cable provides more bandwidth than dial-up or DSL telephone lines, you can get faster access here.

The cable connection speed range is between 512K and 20 Mbps.

4.Fiber connection

In this fiber connection, fast fiber optic cables go directly to your home or office and provide a more stable, efficient and reliable connection compared to hybrid copper and fiber systems. It is capable of supporting broadband speeds of up to 1 Gbps, such a speed that an HD TV program can play in five seconds.

Fiber optic technology converts electrical signals that carry data into light and sends the same light through transparent glass fibers whose diameter is the same as that of a human hair.

The fiber transmits data at a very high speed that is much higher than the current DSL or cable modem speeds, typically at the speed of tens or hundreds of Mbps. This FTTP connection is not shared with anyone. At the same time, this is a very valuable option.

5.Wireless connection

The wireless or Wi-Fi connection, as the name implies, does not use telephone lines or cables to connect to the Internet. At the same time, using radiofrequency.

The wireless connection is also always active and can be accessed from anywhere. The coverage areas of wireless networks are gradually increasing. At the same time, its speed range is 5 Mbps to 20 Mbps.

6.Wireless DIA (Direct Internet access)

Dedicated Interconnected network access means that a specific amount of bandwidth is specified for your exclusive use. This is a dedicated amount that is for your use only.

Here you are not sharing anything with anyone, but you definitely have a direct connection to the SuperHighway Internet.

Where the speed of the second Internet connection depends on how many people are connected to that Internet connection, but there is no difference because the dedicated bandwidth is already provided.

7. Satellite connection

The satellite accesses the internet through a satellite in the Earth’s orbit. Since the signal has to cover such a large distance from the ground to the satellite and vice versa, it provides a delayed connection compared to the cable and DSL. 512K satellite connection speed to 2.0 Mb.

8.Cellular or mobile technology Connection

Mobile phone technology provides wireless Internet access via mobile phones. The speed may vary depending on the service provider, but the most common is only 3G and 4G speeds. Here 3G describes a third-generation cellular network whose mobile speeds are around 2.0 Mbps.

4G, however, means the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. Although the goal of 4G is to reach a maximum mobile speed of around 100 Mbps, it is currently only available up to 21 Mbps.

At the same time, 5G has been available in only a few places and is mainly in the test phase.

What is the intranet?

The intranet is a private network that is often seen in a single company. It has many Amtour interconnected local area networks and together they also use leased lines in a wide area network.

Usually, only one or more gateway computers on an intranet are connected to the external Internet.

The main job of the Intranet is to share information and computer resources of a company only among employees. At the same time, the intranet can also be used for teleconferences between workgroups.

Intranet uses TCP / IP, HTTP, and other Internet protocols.

That’s why it looks like people’s private internet version.

What is the difference between the Internet and an intranet?

Here you can see the difference between the Internet and Intranet.

The Internet is a global network that establishes connections and provides transmission to many different computers.

Use the cable and wireless communication mode to send and receive any type of information such as data, audio, video, etc. In this, the data travels frequently through “fiber optic cables,” which are owned by telephone companies.

In recent times, everyone uses the Internet to obtain information, to communicate and to transfer data to the network. This is a public network that uses computers that can easily connect and retransmit each other. It provides a very good source of information to users.


The intranet is a part of the Internet that is privately owned by an organization. Interconnects all your computers and provides access to all your files and folders within the network.

It also has a firewall that surrounds the system, which prevents any unauthorized user from accessing the network. Only authorized users have permission to access this network.

At the same time, Intranet is used to connect computers and transmit data, that also within a company’s network. This is a secure way to share details, materials, and folders because the network is very secure and restricted within the organization.

What is the difference between the Internet and the Intranet?
  1.  The Internet does not belong to a single or multiple organization, while the Intranet is a private network, it belongs to a company or institution.
  2.  The Interconnected network is a public network, so it is available to everyone, while the Intranet is a private network, so it is not available to everyone.
  3. When the Internet provides unlimited information that anyone can view and use on the Intranet, data circulates only within the organization.
  4. The Internet can be accessed by anyone and anywhere, while only authenticated users can use the intranet.
  5. The intranet is much safer than the Internet

What is the importance of the internet in our daily life:-

Main advantages of the Internet

1.Online Billing

One of the main advantages of the internet is that with the help of the internet we can easily pay all our bills at home, in the office or on the go. On the Internet, we can pay all electricity, mobile, DTH, or online purchase bills within minutes with the help of credit card, debit card, UPI, mobile banking, or online banking and we also use some applications, for example. Google Pay, Paytm, etc.

2.Online shopping

Now people do not even need to go to the store again and again because now they can buy online with the help of the Internet from home and buy products at cheap prices without any negotiation. With the help of the online shopping website, for example, Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc., today you can not only buy products but, if you wish, you can also send gifts to your family and relatives through online purchases.

3.Business promotion

As we know, now the Internet has been introduced in the house. That is why through the Internet you can take your business much further if you wish. All the big companies in the world are using the help of the Internet to take their business further. With the help of online advertising, affiliate marketing, and the website, companies around the world are trying to spread their businesses worldwide through the Internet.

4. Send and receive information

Even if you are sitting in any corner of the world, you can send and receive many types of information or information from one place to another in seconds. Today, all voice calls, voice messages, SMS, MMS, email, and video can be sent over the Internet, and can also send various types of files.

5.Online office

There are some large companies that allow their employees to work from home through the Internet. There are many companies related to online marketing and communication whose employees carry out marketing work through the Internet at home, laptop and mobile phone, and manage their time according to you and do not need to go anywhere, What is also a good advantage of the Internet.

6.Job Details and Online Application

Now it has become very easy to obtain applications and information for jobs. Now you can easily learn about any job with the help of the job portal website from home and you can also apply for the job by visiting their website. There are many websites on the Internet that provide the details of jobs related to your field with many options where you can apply for jobs according to your needs and, most importantly, now you don’t have to go anywhere to find them.

7.Electronic mail exchange

More than 85% of people connected to the Internet use the Internet to send and receive an email. More than 20 million emails are exchanged in a week.

8.For education and self-improvement

Here you will find many online courses and workshops from which you can learn a lot while attending their online seminars, you can also do your self-improvement.

9.For Social Media Use

If you like to make friends online then there are many social media sites for you here like Pinterest Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok.

Whereas if you are keener on making relations, then you can register yourself by going to Online Dating Sites so that you can further your relationship by talking to your partner according to your choice.

 10.For Research Work

The Internet is a huge source of information such as documents, books, and research papers. That’s why people use it to do their research.

11. Files can be downloaded or uploaded

Many of these files are uploaded from many websites such as movies, songs, videos, and documentaries. If you want to see them, you need to download them that need the internet.

 12.In electronic newspapers and magazines

Here you will find many such news websites where you can easily get all the latest breaking news, weather, and sports news. You can also read many online magazines here.


Gradually, freelancers are increasing on the Internet and are making very good money through independent work. A freelancer means earning some money using your Interconnected network skills. Today, people on the Internet are making money from home by creating websites, online surveys, affiliate marketing, blogs, uploading videos on YouTube and many other ways.


In this modern era, the Internet has become a means of home entertainment. With the help of the internet, we can listen to songs, watch movies and television. We can also chat with our friends online on social networks or on the social networking website. If you are getting bored then you can play nice and funny interactive games on the Interconnected network for your entertainment.

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Disadvantage of Internet

1.Waste of time

For those who use the Internet for their office work and to obtain information, the Internet is very beneficial, but for those who make it their habit without any means, It’s just a waste of time. We should use the Internet in a timely manner.

2.Identity theft, piracy, viruses, and Spams

Do you know about 50-60% of the companies in which you register your account, sell or waste your personal information? Some people can also hack your important information with the help of the Internet. Recently, there was a Ransomware attack on many computers worldwide, in which many people lost millions. There is a risk that viruses will reach our computers and mobile phones over the Internet, so it is very important to have good antivirus protection. Therefore, be very careful to use anything on the Internet.

3.Unwanted emails and ads

By stealing personal information and email ID of people from the Internet, many fraudulent companies send fake emails from those who defame them. Send only the emails you need. Immediately send or delete unsolicited emails in the spam list. Do not buy anything by the email link, always go directly to a great shopping website and buy the same.

4.Exploitation and pornography and violent images.

Interconnected network communication speed is very fast. That’s why people exploit and take unfair advantage by promoting false propaganda online about any of their enemies or those who want to discredit. In addition, there are many websites on the Internet that contain obscene things because young children receive an incorrect education.

Final Word:

I hope you enjoyed my article on What is Interconnected network and the Importance of the internet in our daily life. It has always been my effort to provide readers with complete information about the definition of the Internet so that they do not have to search in the context of this article on any other website or internet.

This will also save time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any questions about this article or would like it to improve, then note the comments. If you liked this post about what the Interconnected network is or learned something from, share it on social networks like Facebook, and Twitter, etc.





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