What is Plotter and what is Uses of Plotter

What is Plotter and what is Use of Plotter Plotter definition:- A plotter is a design printer that uses a pen or pencil to draw images. The plotters contrast with the printers in that the plotters use incessant lines to make images, while the printers use an accumulation of points. Like printers, plotters are associated with PCs and are used to deliver complex images and content. Be that as it may, plotters are much slower …

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What is \(backslash) and Use of backslash

What is \(backslash ) and Use of \(backslash ) \(backslash):- A backslash (\) is a typographic symbol or mark used in computers, computer programming languages, and computer applications to perform specific tasks and operations. The \(backslash) is also known as backslash, slosh, back slant, backseat, back whack, bash, escape, hack, reverse oblique, inverted virgule and reverse solidus. Although the “slash” is most often used to describe the slash, it can be used to describe the …

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How to Create a wikipedia page in easy steps

How to Create a Wikipedia page in Simple Way. Wikipedia is one of the popular websites in the world, which is known to provide different types of information from time to time. It is important that everyone knows the process of uploading information to the Wikipedia page, as it helps people build the profile and promote the business in an effective way. It is not easier to upload the information to Wikipedia since it requires …

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