What is Mail Merge

mail merge

Concept Of Mail Merge:-

Mail Merge or Direct mail is a procedure for creating custom letters and preparing envelopes or direct mail stamps for bulk mailings of a standard letter. It can very well be used to create any type of report that consolidates the information field into a typical record.

A basic concept of direct mail action is to use a PC to associate (combine) a data source with another PC application archive. The two records together (the form document and the data source) are “joined together” to create the third report, that is, the attached result.

The Shape report (usually called the key) contains the fields and information to be repeated for each record.

The data source record contains the data to be encountered with the shape report archive.

The attached document is the result of the combination of the data source and the case report.

It is possible to play a query on a database in the middle of a mail merge. A query allows the client to define parameters to determine whether a particular record of the data source is attached to the form report.

Because different records are used during the mail processing process, it is important to name them attractively. For example, put “data” in the name of your data record, put “box” or “essential” in the name of the archive name of your main reports, and in the attached result, specify a type of documentation in the record. name to help you keep your work created.

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Overview of the Direct mail: –

The data source contains a database of fields and records (a zone book is an instance better than the average of an essential database).

Each individual piece of data in a record is known as a “Field.” Title, name, surname, address, etc., there are reference points of the fields. Notice how there are no spaces in the field names. This is because not all database companies will see spaces and, as necessary, it is a smart idea not to use them. Not using spaces allows flexibility to exchange the database in any database program later.

A “Record” is made of something like one of the related fields. An instance of a record would be each of the information related to an individual in the area book. At the end of the day, a record would include each of the information that is identified with any person.

We often assign a motivating force to each record with the goal that each record is perceived in a surprising way. This respect is known as a basic key. A better than average instance of a basic key is the customer number that each customer obtains from an email company. Another impressive model is the number of institutionalized reserve funds.

Making your database: –

At any time you create a database, you must reliably isolate the information in its smallest fragments. For example, don’t just show Name and put all the name information in the field. Or maybe you should put all the name information in three separate fields, for example, Title, First Name, Last Name. This will allow you to classify, request and plan the game effectively.

  • Things to know specific to MS Wor
  • Mail solidification aid trading box
  • Understand the complexity between the selection of the structure letter, the email names, the envelope, and the summary when making a form registration.
    Association Fields
  • Word fields
  • Development of edge document records
  • Extension of data chronicle records
  • Adjust data source
  • See the data edge
  • View data in table association (See source code)
  • Direct fields (enter and subtract fields from the database
  • Find record
  • Mail Merge Toolbar
  • See merger data
  • Have the ability to toggle between the View source code and Viewdata form view.
  • Have the ability to switch between your Edge record, Data Chronicle and mixed results sufficiently.
  • I appreciate why it is not essential to save your mixed results file.
  • A single note on word fields
  • Alt + F9 flips the document between field codes and field results. Exactly the field codes are revealed, you can see and remove the improvements to fit the Word fields. In the field results, see that you cannot see the Word fields.
  • Expert in the use of the filling field.


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