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Movies counter 2020: this is a very famous website to download Hindi HD movies from where you can download the latest movies dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi Malayalam, free download, and watches online Movies.


It included pirated copies of original movies with original English audio of movies dubbed in several languages, such as Hindi, Telugu and Tamil Malayalam, as well as Hollywood and Bollywood movies. As of now, this website facilitates the distribution of copyrighted material, which includes television programs, movies, and videos.

Movies are also available on this site in Hindi, English.

Moviescounter Latest Hindi Movies

Movies counter makes each new movie available on your site before launch or shortly after launch. That is why he is most famous on the Pirate website.

Recently the cinema has been leaked:

  1. Tanhaji 2020
  2. Chhapaak 2020
  3. Malang 2020
  4. Street Dancer 3D 2020
  5. Jawaani Jaaneman 2020
  6. Panga 2020
  7. Shikara 2020
  8. Bhangra Paa Le 2020

How to download movies from MoviesCounter step by steps:

  1. First, click on any movie you want to download and click on your movie poster.
  2. Scroll down and look for Direct Download and click on it.
  3. Then you will find different unlocked links, click on any of them.
  1. Then find the download option in the small icon and click on it, redirect the website, and show that you should wait 5 seconds.
  1. After 5 seconds, it provides you with the link of the movies to download, then click and your movie will download now.

Most of the time, when you tried to download the movies from these sites, it is difficult because, for the most part, their link was deleted or does not work and in each click, several tabs are opened. If you want to download movies easily just comment on the post.

Note: – Most of the time, the website URL changes several times, as it knows that it is not legal in India. And the website owner changes the website address very quickly to avoid legal action.

In addition to Movies Counter, there are many pirated websites to download free movies. With which you can download movies in the pirated version. These include 9xMovies, TamilYogi, Khatrimaza, Fmovies, WorldFree4u, 7StarHD, Filmywap, Movierulz, Tamilgun, xFilmywap.

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Is it safe to download movies from the movie counter?

The short answer is no!

Watching or downloading movies on pirated websites is contrary to Indian law. Especially in India and the United States is illegal piracy. You can be punished for doing this.

Yes, the police can arrest the culprits of those who not only create those websites and upload the movies to them but also those who download or watch movies. This means watching or downloading movies on Movies Counter or any other pirated website is not safe. We do not recommend it or promote it.

If you want to watch movies in 2019 movies, use the legal way to download movies. Like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Sony TV, etc.

If you want to know the latest Movies Counter work link, comment below or join the Telegram channel link below.


Is it Legal to Download Movies From Movies Counter?

Is it legal to download movies from Movies Counter? The answer to this question can be simple or complicated. Here is how you can find out the truth about this issue.

Firstly, let us talk about the recent law that regulates the Internet. This law is called the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and it came into effect in 1998. It has a significant impact on copyright law in the United States. It is not illegal to download movies, however, if you are caught doing so, you will be held responsible for infringement and you may face hefty fines.

Now, for you to know the legalities of downloading movies, you need to know that while the copyright in the movie goes with it, the entire film itself does not belong to you. In fact, you do not own the movie but the license to the movie is yours.

To understand the situation better, think of the title of your movie as your own name. You own it as long as you keep the DVD box and the prints of the movies. This means that you do not even have to have a copy of the DVD, just to have the films. So, if you do not have a copy of the DVD then, in most cases, you cannot get the movies legally.

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However, to find out whether it is legal to download movies from Movies Counter, you should look at the license. If you own the rights to the movie, you are allowed to download the whole movie, including the movies and DVD box and print, as long as you keep the print of the original movies.

You must also make sure that you do not get more than one copy of the actual movie. In fact, you cannot have more than two copies of the movie because you may be charged with multiple counts of infringement. These infringements can lead to big penalties. There are only a few times when you can use more than one copy.

So, you can download the movies legally if you keep only the DVDs and the print of the movies. However, there are more reasons why it is not legal to download movies from Movies Counter. So, don’t try to download movies if you cannot keep only the print of the movie, if you can’t, it is not legal to download the movies.

Legal and safe alternatives for Watch and Download Movie online:-

There are other options that you can use if you still want to broadcast online. Here are some you should check:

Tubi TV

Is it safe to download movies from Pirated websites? :-

In this day and age of internet scams, there are sites that are offering free downloads but with their own security issues. Because of this, you must always make sure that you download from the legitimate website.

In most cases, it is difficult because clicking a link has several open tabs. It also warns that it is harmful to mobile or PC. Because everyone knows that AdSense ads cannot be used on pirated websites. As such, these people are making more money using third-party ad networks. These sites primarily contain pop-up ads.

If you don’t know pop-up ads, these ads often use JavaScript and you can’t control them. Click anywhere on the site and click on the ad itself. Some people maintain restrictions. Then, when you click the link for the first time, the ad is clicked, but the second link starts.

As soon as you click on the pop-up ad, you can be redirected to an unknown site. As soon as you click on these ads, the malware is automatically downloaded and installed on your system. This can cause serious security issues on mobile and laptop / PC. Therefore, stay away from these pirated websites

Why These Pirated Websites Are a Headache For Filmmakers:-

A good number of movies being released all over the world today do not come out because of a lack of originality or poor film craftsmanship. Most of the movies in the current cinema industry are produced by the studios because they have tried to use the familiar tactics that have worked for the past years. However, once a new format is introduced in the entertainment industry, it almost becomes like magic and could transform the entire entertainment industry. When studios are faced with such a new concept, they naturally seek to obtain this new power.

While piracy is a fact, it is not necessarily the new industry trend that the studios claim it is. Because there is no copyright infringement going on in the movies, the studios can charge higher fees, which then leads to higher production costs. All of this leads to lower sales because the more people pirating movies, the less they will actually be interested in buying a movie. For this reason, movies would not have to reach the level of box office earnings as quickly as they have been in the past, which has caused the studios to rely more heavily on pirated copies. However, with this new technology, the studios would be able to get the same quality without having to spend more money.

What is interesting about piracy is that the movie pirates do not care what copyright laws are in the country where they live. With many countries have made progress in terms of copyright laws, piracy is becoming less common. While this is a good thing for the average consumer, it does not help the studios. Because piracy is often done at home in a group setting, movie studios often cannot legally pursue the people responsible for illegally distributing their films.

With new movie formats coming into the market that is cheaper and more technologically advanced, it is not hard to imagine how studios would suffer if piracy were to become a more prevalent way of watching movies. Imagine all of the more expensive equipment and props required by movie theaters, when a family could easily get their hands on pirated copies of movies. Therefore, it would make sense for studios to utilize the technology that would allow them to go after these new movie formats at the same time as the pirates are trying to stay away from their original counterparts.

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The great thing about this technology is that it would allow the studios to contact the pirates and get a better idea of what types of pirates were downloading their movies. Of course, this will still require legal action to be taken against the people who are creating the pirate copies. These pirates can also be more easily tracked down by the studios.

As time goes on, the studios will be forced to consider all new changes to their business model and must, therefore, decide which technologies to use to maintain their legal rights while at the same time allowing everyone to watch movies without paying for them.

The first thing that can be done to stop piracy and reduce the amount of pirated websites is for the government to intervene. This could mean the introduction of stricter copyright laws to the country where the movie studios are located. This will make it easier for the studios to catch the pirate copy takers. At the same time, it will make it more difficult for the pirates to enjoy themselves and their wealth. This is not just good for the average movie viewer, but also the country where the studios are based.

Therefore, Hollywood is definitely aware of the fact that piracy is hurting its profits and therefore will attempt to prevent it by catching those responsible for uploading pirated movies. If the studios are successful in doing this, they would save millions of dollars in production costs and their ability to provide their movies to consumers would be greatly affected. Unfortunately, if Hollywood fails to implement this type of new technology, the problem will continue. Because of this, movies will continue to get pirated, which will hurt the revenue of the studios even more than before.


Friend, this post was written to alert other websites like Movies Counter: Download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu Movies HD for Free, and Download Movies Movies Hollywood Hollywood Movies. The purpose of this publication is not to promote such websites. We recommend that you go theater to the movies whenever you can see a friend, a movie because he wants to be safe and do what he wants to do legally. and know the right way to watch movies. If you have any problems, comment below and ask a question. If you like the article kindly share it on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Warning: – It is a crime under Indian law to steal or hack the original content of any manufacturer without permission. “Technical curiosity” strongly opposes such piracy. The information in this publication has been provided only to provide you with the necessary information about illegal activities and not to promote piracy and illegal activities. I told you before that piracy is a punishable crime. We do not recommend using Movies Counter in any way, this information is only to explain their illegal activities.
Warning: – We do not recommend that you use Movies Counter or any other website in any way, this information is only to inform about your illegal activities. We recommend that you stay away from such websites and choose the correct path to download the movie. Use legal websites for this.


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