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Here’s How Sales Leaders and Sales Operations Team Can Increase Efficiency With Videos

Here’s How Sales Leaders and Sales Operations Team Can Increase Efficiency With Videos


How you market your products and services determine how many customers you get. For a small business with a limited sales budget, it is crucial that you choose the marketing medium that offers the most conversions for minimal pricing. 

One way to do this is to use video marketing. Using video for sales has a tremendous benefit and contrary to popular opinion, it is not expensive. You can create engaging and interesting high-quality videos with just your smartphone and a few apps. 

Not only are videos versatile, but they also help you reach a wider audience and improve your conversion rates. Having a video on your website can also improve your search engine ranking.

Videos are the present and the future of content marketing. The sooner you adopt it, the further ahead you will be able to take your business.

Most businesses that want to adopt video marketing are often confused about how to go about it. Given below are ways in which you can improve the efficiency of your sales team by using videos. 

Create Product Demo Videos

Product videos are the best way to boost sales. They help your customers view the product from all angles. In a way, product videos offer them a feeling of checking out the product just as they would if they were to see it in real-life.


It makes them more confident about making the purchase and reduces the chances of cart abandonment. It also increases the customer’s engagement with the product page, which can boost your SEO.

If you are selling a tool, then you can include a small demo video on the product page. The demo video will clear a lot of doubts and eliminate many of the questions that the customer has. It enables them to go ahead with the purchase without having second thoughts. 

Optimize Your Video Length

You may want your videos to offer complete information to your customers. However, you must do so in a short span of time as viewers have a short attention span. If you create a video that is too long, there is a high probability that most people will skip through the video.

A shorter video is more likely to get the maximum number of viewers. Videos that are of one or two minutes are your best bet. Even in those, you need to make the content engaging.

The viewer has to be interested in watching the video after the first ten seconds. If the beginning is boring, it is very unlikely that the customers would watch the rest of the video. 

Start a Youtube Channel

Anyone who wants to see a video will search for it on Youtube first. You should not let this opportunity go to waste. Create a Youtube channel that not only talks about your products but also features numerous other useful videos that your customers may find interesting. 

Optimizing your videos for Youtube’s search algorithm is an often ignored activity that can make or break your Youtube channel. Just as Google uses certain factors to rank your website, Youtube does the same with your videos.

You need to use the appropriate keywords in the video title as well as the description. You should tag your videos and create an engaging thumbnail.   

Use Testimonial Videos to Boost Customer’s Trust

From a customer’s perspective, your product becomes more trustworthy when they see someone relatable use it and share their feedback. Testimonial videos help you gain your customer’s trust and increase your sales.

You don’t always need to get testimonials from influencers. Customers are more likely to trust the word of a friend. Understand your target audience and choose those customers who resonate with them to create the testimonial videos.   

Advertise Subtly with How-to Videos

Quite a lot of the searches on Youtube are related to how to do various activities. You can use these videos to subtly advertise your products.

The key is to provide valuable content to your viewers by using your products. The video need not talk about the product or its features.

For example, you can create a video on how to decorate a cake and use your company’s decorating tools in the video. Or you can create a video on how to shave and use your company’s razors or shaving creams in it.

Such videos will reach a wider audience as they will also be viewed by those who are not searching for your products. They can become interested after coming upon the decorating video and turn into customers.  

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Optimize Video for Mobile

It is no secret that more and more people are consuming content from their mobile devices. Google penalizes your website if it isn’t optimized for mobile devices. The same applies to your videos as well.

You should optimize all your videos for use on various devices. Many people tend to watch videos while they are traveling to and from work or even in offices. It may not be possible to keep the audio on in such situations. Captioning your videos will ensure that even those who watch it on mute do not miss out on any information. 

Create Sales Training Videos To Improve Sales Operations

The success of any sales team or sales operations team depends on how well they know the products themselves. The team also needs to have in-depth knowledge of various tools that the business uses to track sales and team efficiency.

Every new employee typically undergoes on-boarding training that tells them everything they need to know about the company.

Product demo videos can give them the necessary information they need to market the product. Similarly, You can use a screen recorder to capture how to use the necessary business software.

 These videos help you automate the on-boarding process. You do not need to assign a specific person for this task as the videos will provide all the information. 


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