Stellar Data Recovery: Software For Data Recovery


Stellar Data Recovery: Software For Data Recovery

How to Recover Data from Corrupted Hard Drive?

Stellar – This blog describes the modes to recover data from corrupted hard drive irrespective of make and model. Corruption in a hard disk is inevitable, be it manufactured by Toshiba, Se-agate, Western Digital, or any other renowned manufacturer. Therefore, having a hard drive, which is working fine for years without damage, is far away from the truth. As hard drive corruption issue is unavoidable if you use a PC or any Windows system, you would certainly want to know how to recover data from the corrupted hard drive. This is because a damaged hard drive makes all the stored data within it inaccessible to users.
Know-how of your hard disk data recovery method will help you overcome data loss situations if your hard drive gets damaged at some point in time. However, how do you recognize that your hard drive has become corrupted?

Let’s look at how!

Hard Drive Corruption: Symptoms & Effects

A hard drive can suffer either physical or logical corruption, both of which make stored data inaccessible. In the former scenario, the hardware component(s) gets broken, and the hard drive may not start at all. In such a case, the hard drive is categorized as ‘dead.’ On the other hand, in the latter case, the hard drive may suffer logical corruption. In such a case, you may encounter the following error messages while trying to use it on your system:

• Hard drive failure
• “Sector not found” message
• File system is displayed as “RAW”
• File names contain “weird” characters
• Invalid media type is reading the drive. Abort, Retry, Fail?

Recovering Data from Damaged Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Whatever is the type of corruption that your hard disk suffers from; the outcome is that you lose access to all your data. In addition, this is one of the prime detriments of all. So, let’s understand the hard drive data recovery solution based on the type of corruption incurred:

1. Send the hard disk for data recovery service –

This is preferable for hard drives suffering hardware/physical corruption. Here, the HDD has to be sent or taken to a data recovery service center.

2. Use an efficient HDD data recovery software –

This is preferable for hard drives affected by logical corruption issues. Stellar Windows Data Recovery is a powerful tool that can be used to recover data from a corrupted hard drive suffering logical discrepancy. However, it should be noted that the utility would recover all data only if the storage space in the drive has not been overwritten.

Follow the steps below to retrieve data using Stellar HDD recovery software

    • Step 1: Get the license of Stellar Data Recovery and install the tool.
    • Step 2: Run the software, and Select the File types from the software interface and click on the next button.

Find the below screenshot.



  • Step 3: Next, select the logical volume from which you want to recover data from the ‘Select Location’ window.
Select location for recovery
  • Step 4: Software will start the scanning process, once the scanning gets completed, all the files get listed; you can get a preview of them in three distinct ways: File Type, Tree View, and Deleted List.
Stellar-data-recovery                                                                           Takes time to filter data
    • Step 5: Then Select the data files from the disk that you want to recover from the damaged hard drive, and click on the Recover tab located at the bottom-right corner of the interface.
    • Step 6: Next, browse and enter the location where you want to save the recovered data.



  • Step 7: Then Finally, click on OK to save the desired files at a location of choice.
    By following all these steps in sequence with the software, you can successfully recover your data from the corrupted hard drive and regain access.

The Way Forward
Recovering data from the damaged hard drive may seem impossible in the first instance. However, with an advanced tool like Stellar Data Recovery Standard, the task becomes quite easy and can be achieved seamlessly without any hassle. In fact, this utility holds a reliable name in data recovery for Microsoft Windows Operating System.

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