Virus Full Form | Full form of Virus


Virus Full-Form | Full form of Virus| complete form of Virus

In this post, we will know the full form of the Virus. Everyone must have heard the name of the virus many times, but do you know that there is also a complete form of Virus? Many people do not know, so I thought why not write a publication on this subject, what is the complete form of the virus. So today, We know all about viruses, their symptoms in mobile devices, laptops, how to protect your mobile and laptops from a virus in a portable way. We cover all topics related to VIRUS. We all get scared after hearing the name of the virus because of it never good for anyone. Today in this post we will also know what the virus is and how many types of viruses there are with Virus Full let us know what the Virus complete form so Let first know what is Virus:-


What is a Virus:-

The virus is a type of program that works on your computer without the user’s knowledge. It affects the computer and damages the computer data and its totally different from of biological virus. There is a large number of viruses that continue to grow on your computer alone and gradually your entire computer becomes vulnerable. This can damage the files, hard drives, operating systems and software your computer needs. Some viruses install software on your computer without doing anything. Some viruses also work to steal your data and transmit it to hackers.

Virus Full Form:-

Stands for VITAL

I   Stands for INFORMATION

Stands for Resources

Stands for Under

Stands for Seize

These viruses are the only ones created by man. These are man-made programs that are generally written to access private or personal information, manipulate or corrupt data without the user’s knowledge. One of the ways in which one can identify that his computer is affected by a virus is when he receives multiple messages on the computer screen or when he experiences that several windows open on their own. Due to these computer viruses caused every year damages billions worth.

History of a computer virus:-

The first computer virus, called the “Creeper system,” was an experimental self-replicating virus released in 1971. It was filling the hard drive until a computer could no longer function. This virus was created by BBN technologies in the United States.The first computer virus for MS-DOS was “Brain” and was launched in 1986. It would overwrite the boot sector on the floppy disk and prevent the computer from starting. It was written by two brothers from Pakistan and was initially designed as copy protection.

Types of Computer Virus:-

  1. Program virus
  2. Boot sector virus
  3. Macro virus
  4. Polymorphic virus
  5. Browser Hijacker
  6. Active X virus
  7. Resident virus
  8. File infector virus
  9. Multipartite virus
  10. Stealth virus

Symptoms of Computer Virus:-

1.Slow start and slow performance
2.Suspicious hard drive activity
3.Unexpected pop-up windows. Unexpected on-screen ads are a typical sign of a virus infection.
4.Locks and error messages.
5.High network activity.
6.Lack of storage space.
7.Lost Files.
8. The email is hijacked.
9.Browser issues
10.Security attacks malware also known as viruses:

  • Trojan horse
  • Computer Worms
  • Zombies
  • Spyware
  • Spam virus

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How viruses work in computer:

A virus is a type of computer program that is configured by encryption and is fully capable of making its own copies, and through the network, these versions attack other computers and spread similarly. We call this virus because its work is similar to a biological virus, which also spreads like a computer virus. Like the biological virus, the computer virus first attacks the computer files, then prepares its copies and also damages the other files, the computer software. The only and main difference between a biological virus and a computer virus is that computer viruses are created by man where the biological virus originated in nature.

Like a biological virus, a computer virus destroys your computer. Computer viruses arrive on your computer such as data theft, sending unwanted emails, recording keystrokes, etc. Some viruses are so dangerous that they put the entire computer under their control and encrypt all their files, images, and videos with another extension that cannot access and demand ransom from hackers to exchange their personal data to decrypt them, for example, The Ransomware virus.

How to protect the computer from the virus:

  • Always keep your operating system and software updated.
  • Never use Crack or pirated Software in your computer and Mobile Always download software from the official website.
  • Never click on an attachment for an email or on any websites that you don’t know.
  • Keep Pop Up Blocker on in your browser
  • Use a window firewall and upgrade your browser’s Privacy Settings.
  • Always try to keep a backup of your important files or data.
  • Always use a strong password only.
  • Do not open the website which redirects you to unknown websites.
  • Use some good antivirus on your computer. Perform regular updates.
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