What is a Wireless Mouse?


What is a Wireless Mouse?:-

A wireless mouse is a mouse that connects to a computer without using wires. Instead, mice use wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, RF, and infrared, but most use the principles of radiofrequency (RF) technology. Typically, a USB receiver is connected to a computer and receives signals from a wireless mouse. Also called a cordless mouse.


How Does Wireless mouse work:-

The wireless mice have two components a one is known as transmitter and the other is known as the receiver. Wireless mice operate on the principles of radiofrequency (RF) technology. A wireless mouse transmitter is located inside the mouse and simply sends encoded data or electromagnetic or wireless data signals that are information about mouse movement. The transmitter sends the encoded data to the receiver. The receiver is connected to a PC or laptop and is used on smartphones today to receive and decode data and send it to driver software installed on the laptop or PC. The receiver does not require battery power and runs on PC or laptop power. While the transmitter is a separate unit and requires battery power, the receiver works with the CPU to process data such as position on the window, clicks, and scrolls and provides feedback to the transmitter as movement changes.

How to pairing:-

The pairing method depends on the mouse manufacturer. Some devices are prepaid. When you press certain buttons or turn the dial on the receiver or mouse, others use the method that occurs automatically.

In order for the mouse transmitter to communicate with the receiver, it must be connected. This means that both devices are operating on the same channel and frequency using the same detection code. A channel is a specific frequency and code. The purpose of pairing is to remove interference from other sources and RF devices.

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Provide Security:-

To protect the information that the mice send to the receiver, most wireless mice include an encryption scheme that encodes the data in an unreadable format. Some devices also use frequency hopping. This allows the mouse and receiver to automatically change frequencies using a predetermined pattern.

Types of Wireless mouse:-

There are two main types of wireless Mouse.

1. Optical Mouse with LED Technology: – A key component of the optical mouse is an LED and CMOS sensor that produces red light that tracks mouse movement. The CMOS sensor captures the motion image and sends it to a digital signal processor (DSP). The DSP analyzes image patterns at 400–800 dpi (dots per inch) resolution.

2. Laser mouse with laser technology. It works on the same wireless principle, but has an improved resolution, captures images at 2000 dpi, and uses invisible laser beams to detect mouse movements.

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