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What is blog Types of blogs

What is blog Types of blogs

Introduction to Blogging

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a platform through which you can reach the whole world through the Internet. In the modern era, blogging is a powerful and effective medium for speaking out. In simple words, Blog Meaning is to reach people through a digital medium by writing their thoughts, feelings, knowledge, or any information. It is called a blog, it is like a diary in which you can write whatever you want.

What is a blog?

Blogs are regularly updated websites or web pages, usually run by individuals or small groups, and written in an informal or conversational format..

History of Blogging

In 1994 “Justin Hall ” is a founding father of Blogging. He had to create the first web diary.

In 1997 The origin word of the blog originally called a weblog founded by “Jon Barger“.

1998 is a game-changer for blogging .because in this year the “Open Diary” is Launched.

1999 is a year where blogging opportunity is increase as Blogger and LiveJournal platform is launched.

in 2002 monetization is enable for blogs by showing blog ads. In this google Launched Google Adsense.

In 2003 the rise of the platform of blogging as WordPress and Typepad is launched. In the current scenario, 1/3 of blogging is managed by WordPress.

In 2004 “Blog” is declared as word of the year.

in 2006-07 Microblogging and Blogging code concept is introduced. This year “Twitter” and “Tumbler” is Launched.

In a survey in 2010 11 % of bloggers is reported that earning their primary income from Blogging.

In 2012 Medium and Linkedin platform is launched which giving the opportunity to bloggers to post their original content on their platform as well as also republished their content which is already published on another platform.

In 2016 WordPress launched WordPress blog domain.

Did you know that

500 Million the number of blogs available on the internet

What is blog Types of blogs

What is blog Types of blogs

1. Fashion Blog

A fashion blog or website means to create a blog on information related to fashion, beauty, makeup, new style, trends and share it with the world. The fashion blog is the most popular blog on the internet. Because it has a big industry with a global audience overall in the world. It has lots of events that covered and write by lots of people about it It has special perks because a lot of brands are launched every year so you can write about it and also provide a review to your audience.

Some Main Aspects Of Fashion Blog

  • The big industry with a global audience
  • Events
  • Special Perks
  • Merchandise
  • Business Deals

What is blog Types of blogs

2. Food Blog

These are bloggers who cook a lot and post about their food stories. This can be anything from a blog documenting very authentic recipes to experiential food, or just about anything that’s cooking. Often there will be a story with a blog post. Different kinds of food and all the aspects related to it, people give food to people by writing photos (food photography), videos or writing about them, then it is called food blogging. They also review restaurant food.

What is blog Types of blogs

Some Main Aspects of Food blog

  • FoodieCulture
  • Third-Party Restaurant ads
  • Restaurants reviews
  • Restaurant Opening
  • New Food Products
  • Wine and Beer Tasting

3.Travels Blog

A travel blog is a type of blog website that is regularly updated in the form of posts such as travel tips and travel advice, destination reviews, and so on. These posts can be the type of content you can upload online through stories, information snippets, reviews, photos, images, podcasts, and more.
Travel Blog is a unique free online travel journal for travelers from all over the world. It works in internet cafes and computers around the world and can update online travel journals.


Some Main Aspects of Travels blog

  • Travel Tips
  • Travel Advice
  • Destination Reviews
  • Destination Guides
  • Restaurants
  • Accommodation
  • Attractions

4.Music Blog

A music blog a type of blog that covers topics related to Music. The music industry is a very huge industry which consists of many categories such as Music Industry as well as artist news, Trending music reviews, Music(Album/Song) Reviews, Music by country and genre, New releases (albums, singers, instruments, gear) information and reviews, New band information, New release Music review, Band schedule, Musical event information, and review, Venue with live music, Review of Musical Instrument Stores, Review of music platforms (Spotify, Jio Saavan, Hungama, etc.)

Some Main Aspects of Music blog

  • Music Industry/Artist News
  • Music(Album/Song) Reviews
  • New Releases
  • Trending Music
  • Music by country
  • Music by Genre


5.Lifestyle Blog

This type of blog covers many different topics such as Culture, Art, News by language, Politics Agenda, Beauty blog, Style, and also interior design. It covers lots of topics its depending on what kind of blog you want to start. Which category you like the most.

Some Main Aspects of LifeStyle blog

  • Culture
  • Art
  • News
  • Politics
  • Beauty
  • Style
  • Interior

6.Personal Blog

Another type of blog is a personal blog in which you cover a lot of topics such as life topics, stories based on daily life, writers bio, travel by famous photographers, experiences of famous vloggers, chefs, biographies of celebrities, etc., Which depends on you what kind of subject you like the most. Share your thoughts with the audience. Build relationships with your audience through your writing skills.

Some Main Aspects of Personal blog

  • Life experiences
  • Daily life
  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Vloggers
  • Chefs
  • celebrities


7.News Blog

The news blog is another type of blog in which you cover all international, national, local, and region-wise news on the blog. In this blog, you have got an edge to share or cover your news in your local language and connect with your local audience. There are many topics that come under the news blog such as political agenda, new technology advancement, religion-based news and science topics, etc.

Some Main Aspects of News blog

  • Localized
  • News Sharing
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Religion
  • Science

8.Politics Blog

In a politics blog, you can cover a politician biography, a political issue, political agenda, political news, and current affairs. You also cover the topic of Opinion Pieces that reflects the opinion of the author or the author’s views on a particular subject ..

Some Main Aspects of Politics blog

  • Political news
  • Analysis of news
  • Current Affairs
  • Opinion Pieces

9.Auto Blog

This type of blog mainly covers luxury cars such as car reviews, car performance, car models, safety tips, car engineering, and car events. Many people read this type of article for their interest in luxury cars. As we know that luxury and sports cars are very expensive and only a rich person can buy these types of cars, so people mostly want to know the latest luxury cars and their complete information through the article. So you too can start your own auto blog and share your opinion and knowledge of cars with people.

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Some Main Aspects of Auto blog

  • Luxury Cars
  • Sports Cars
  • Car Reviews
  • Car Models
  • Car Events
  • Car Maintenance
  • Safety Tips
  • Car Engineering
  • Car Dealership


10.Gaming Blog

You can also choose a gaming blog to start blogging. Just you have to cover all the topics related to gaming such as the latest games, games review, and what kind of hardware is required to run that game, you can also write about top gamers. You can also cover gaming events and give information about game cheat codes.

Some Main Aspects of a gaming blog

  • Latest Games
  • Game Reviews
  • Gaming Hardware
  • Events
  • Game Cheats

11.Fitness Blog

If you are a fitness lover. So you too can start a blog on fitness by sharing your thoughts and advice for fitness for people. So you can write about diet advice and plan i.e. what kind of diet and plan people have followed to make themselves fit and fine. In addition, share workout techniques and workout routines. You can also review supplements.

Some Main Aspects of a gaming blog

  • Diet Advice/Plans
  • Workout Routines
  • Workout Techniques
  • Supplements

12.Business Blog

In a business blog, you can write about what is going on in the industry-related news and insights. Also, if you have a good knowledge of business, then you also recommend the business. You can also cover topics related to new products and services. You can also cover business announcements.

Some Main Aspects of a Business blog

  • Industry-related news and insights
  • Business Advice
  • Products or service Information
  • Business announcements

13.Parenting Blog

Parenting blogs are a way to share your thoughts with the parenting community. Not only can you give your opinion about your blog, but parents who follow and read your blog can provide feedback. You also talked about activities and dietary and nutritional guidance for children.

Some Main Aspects of a Parenting blog

  • Parenting Advice
  • Child-Friendly activities
  • Food/nutrition guidance
  • Education

14.Movies Blog

The Movies Blog is a way to share your opinion on the newly released Movies Review. You can also discuss the film industry news and release date of films. You can also write about actors and directors in the ongoing life and so on

Some Main Aspects of a Movies blog

  • Film industry news
  • Actor/director Features
  • Movies Reviews
  • Movie Releases

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15.Finance Blog

Finance blogs are a way to share your knowledge of wealth management. You can give useful advice to people on how to invest money in the stock market and through your article. Also, provide savings advice and useful information on stock markets

Some Main Aspects of a Movies blog

  • Money Management
  • Investing
  • Saving Advice
  • Stock Markets


16.Pet Blog

17.Sports Blog

18.Do-It-Yourself(DIY) Blog

The requirement for Starting a Blog

Technical Requirement
  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Content Management System(CMS)
  • Hosting
  • Domain
Content Management System(CMS)

A content Management System is Software that is used to facilitates, Creating, Editing, Organising, and publishing content.

Blogging CMS’s

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Blogger
  • Constant Contact
  • Gator
  • Squarespace

Soft Skills Requirements For Blogging

  • Patience
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Perseverance
  • Organizational Skills

Hard Skills Requirements For Blogging

  • Computer literacy
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Marketing

Final Word:-

I hope you get Complete Information about “What is blog Types of blogs”. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the “What is blog Types of blogs ” to the readers. That they do not need to search in the context of this article on anyone else. Website or the internet.

This will also save time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any questions about this article or want to improve it, pay attention to the comments. If you liked this post or learned something about it, then share it on social networks like Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

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